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Offline Eddy on: January 07, 2017, 12:46:07 am

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1-) What are Weapon Packs?
Weapon packs are a series of weapons divided into seven categories: Pack 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Each weapon pack has an SMG, a Shotgun (except Pack 7), and a Pistol.

Every single pack has a special lethal weapon; for example, Pack 4's special weapon is the Rocket Launcher, while Pack 3 has two special weapons, Ruger and SPAS-12. The weapon packs are balanced. For example, Rocket Launcher is a powerful weapon that can take down a crowd of players with one rocket; it is only limited to one player at a time with only 15 rockets.

The weapons' ammo is refilled once the player dies or makes a killing spree of more than five in a row.

2-) How to use Weapon Packs?
Once the map has started, the game gives you 10 seconds to declare your weapon pack. You can pick your desired weapon pack from the list by clicking on it. If you want to change your weapon pack later in the round, press the button "P" on your keyboard or simply use the "/changepack" command on the console. Once you choose your weapon pack, it will be changed upon your next respawn or when you make a killing spree.

Note: Rocket and Chainsaw are limited to only 1 player in a round, while Laser-Scoped Rifle and Molotov pack are limited to 2 players in a round. Admins may modify the limitations based on the number of players available in the game.

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Nice explanation I also willing to do something like this but you already did it :)
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Good job Eddy, now I know how to change my packs 8) :-*