Author Topic: Report admin [MK]Halchter <denied>  (Read 242 times)

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nickname [MK]Halchter
date: 7.10.2019
reason: I got banned for breaking the close range rpg rule which doesn't exist on the server, when I asked if the admin could show me the rule I broke he said he s not obligated to show me anything
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which doesn't exist on the server
It does exist. It has existed for a long time. Since 2016:

Clarification about the "no rocket glitch" rule:

Using rockets in close range is not allowed. By close range, we mean shotgun range (<24m). However, it's important to note here that when the rpg user starts shooting the rockets from long range and his enemy runs to him and dies in the explosion, this is allowed. Because he didn't start shooting at close range, he started shooting at longe range. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: click

The ingame /rules command says to visit the forum for a complete list of the rules, this is because there's alot of them and they can't all fit ingame.
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what the fuck if you have proof  >:(

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^ You're free to get out. Next time you post make sure you're involved in the report, otherwise don't post. If you do so, expect a ban.

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