Author Topic: Ban Appeal  (Read 242 times)

Offline 3laWi on: September 28, 2019, 04:50:12 pm

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Nick used whilst ingame:  [JW]laWi
Time and Date that you were banned: few minutes from now
Suspected Reason (if any): Aimlock
IP Address:
Admin that banned you (if known):

Extra note: Dear admin . i want to say to you " thanks " .bcz you just destryoed my image  . you banned me for aimlock in an official server while im not aimlocker . now everyone will call me aimlocker for nothing trust it or not. im happy bcz i reached a high level of m4 skills thats all and thanks once again .

Offline GangstaRas #1 on: September 28, 2019, 05:43:13 pm

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Dear player, understand two things.

1. With every ban, it is a double-edged sword. Don't worry about any reputation.

2. As with any admin, they can be right, or they can be wrong too. Get it clear that I am no different.

I wasn't even in the server for any of this stuff, was just testing a stream setup when whilst playing you looked awfully suspicious to me. I have points against you on it and I can personally send you that footage (for your reputation's sake) and we can discuss if need be, but long and short, more inconclusive than definitive, so I'm reversing the ban.