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current nickname:AsaD.

Previous nicknames:[VO]Force(L) , [VO]ThE_[M]as[K] and [VO]ChEeTaH(T) ,Cheetah_Fraze (these are nicks of my czn we play from same PC)

What is your timezone? GMT +5

How old are you?16

Do you use IRC? yea,sometimes

Are you banned or have you ever been banned on any of the official servers? Yea in LW..

What is your past experience administering a server? Grand Theft Auto Asian City (admin)

How long have you been playing vcmp? actually i started playing in end of 2014

What languages can you speak fluently? English ,Urdu/Hindi

Why do you want to join the staff team? Because i wanna ban that players who are using hacks mods e.t.c and i want to help admins.
i know admin apps are closed but the players are now joining ctf and there should require admin
Thankks and Have a Nice Day

im not with russians nor mad lemons,i take that skin which i like more.

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Your app is under discussion.

Playing since 2012 EA Admin, LW's Mod, UA Admin, MK CTF Mod, RTV Mod, Omega-DM Manager, VCCNR Head-Admin, OSK Simple DM Admin,VCDC 5,Vicewar 5,Vicewar 7,Vicewar 8.

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