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If you want to enter the event, first of all, make sure you and your team will be active during the event season, we don't want teams leaving in the middle of the tournament. To participate you must gather 5 friends and create a 5 player team. It's not obligatory for all the members of a team to be from the same clan. You can have members from different clans on your team. Be advised though that one player can only be in one team, players will not be allowed to compete for several teams. Clans will only be allowed to participate with 1 team. Other members from the clan are allowed to make more teams but the name of those teams can't reference their clan. For example:

Teams like: Miami Killers1, Miami Killers2, Miami Killers3, etc... won't be allowed. Only 1 Miami Killers team will be allowed. If more members from Miami Killers wish to make a team and participate, they can, but their team's name must be different and cannot reference their clan name, as they won't be representing their clan, and will be competing as a different individual team.

The team's name mustn't contain any derogatory term and / or hit any political or religious views, please be polite towards other players. The team applications will be opened from the 14th of October to the 26th, after that period, the applications will close and the tournament will start. If you're applying as a clan, you don't need to give a very specific or accurate listing of your team members and substitutes as we will consider all your clan members as potential participants.

If your team fails to meet the criteria specified above, the team will not be accepted into the tournament

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