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These are the currently available weapon packs in the server:

pack1 = Stubby Shotgun, Silenced Ingram, M4, Colt .45 (No limit)
pack2 = Pump-Action Shotgun, M60, Uzi, Colt .45 (No limit)
pack3 = SPAS-12 Shotgun, Ruger, Uzi, Colt .45 (No limit)
pack4= Stubby Shotgun, RocketLauncher, Grenade, Python, Silenced Ingram (1 per team)
pack5 = Pump-Action Shotgun, Molotov Cocktails, Katana, Colt .45 (2 per team)
pack6  = Colt .45, Stubby Shotgun, Laserscope Sniper Rifle, Uzi (2 per team)
pack7  = Colt .45, Mp5, Chainsaw (1 per team)

You can use the command /pack <id> to choose a weapon pack when the round is starting or use /changepack <id> when the round is active to change to another weapon pack. You can also press the 'P' key to open the GUI.
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