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Hosted by:  Sky-City Hosting
Number of players slots:  100
Scripts:  [ CTF v5.0 ]
IRC Server:
IRC Server Echo Channel:  #MK.CTF

CTF Scripts are made by NewK.

This server intends to bring more diversity to VCMP's game modes, introducing a different game mode other than TDM and DM. It's not a new gamemode for anyone who has played multiplayer FPS games these last few years. The concept is the same, there are two teams, one must capture the enemy's flag which looks like a red/blue package and bring it to their team's base where there will be a drop-zone which will be a barrel pickup. When the time limit ends, the team with the most captured flags will be the winner. Every time a round ends, the server will automatically teleport players to the lobby and start a new round on a new place/territory.

Web stats page will be included in the forum soon...
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Server IP has been changed to: