Author Topic: Staff Application - [RT]ZeeX. [Accepted as Mod]  (Read 145 times)

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Current nickname: [RT]ZeeX.

Previous nicknames: [RT]Epic - [CF]DraCula^ - [CF]InjectioN. - [UF]RevolutioN. - hero (my first nick near 2011/12)

What is your timezone?: GMT +5

How old are you?: 23

Do you use IRC?: Nope, i can use if necessary.

Are you banned or have you ever been banned on any of the official servers?: Nah, no where.

What is your past experience administering a server? :
Vice City Cops & Robbers - Moderator.
ViceOne - Administrator.
Vice City Attack & Defence - Administrator.
Asians City - Manager.
Vice Freemode Server - Manager. These all are my current experience.

How long have you been playing vcmp?: 2011/12

What languages can you speak fluently?: English - Urdu - Pashto - Sindhi.

Why do you want to join the staff team:
There are many reasons why I want to join the staff here. One major reason is that during server parties, hackers often disrupt gameplay significantly. Players complain both in-game and on discord, and the staff isn't always available to take action. Additionally, CTF is one of my favorite game modes, and I would be thrilled to represent CTF as a staff member. I am very active on discord, so punishing hackers won't be a problem for me. I am committed to promoting fair gameplay.

Most of the staff members here are close friends of mine, and I would love to join the team. I hope everything goes well.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask, Iím always available.
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Thanks for applying amigo, your application is now under discussion!
Hope the best for you, see you soon.
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First of all, amazing work Berkley, we need more people like you in this community, people who are willing to go the extra mile to catch these cunts.

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Hello ZeeX
Your application as been accepted as moderator, welcome to the staff  :D