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Offline Major on: February 02, 2021, 07:24:43 pm

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Nick used whilst ingame: Dead
Time and Date that you were banned: 2 days ago
Suspected Reason (if any): Death evading, Major^ aka Dani.
IP Address:
Admin that banned you (if known): Juan

Extra note: Well first of all, Dani. Is not me, its my friend in real life his name is Dani. He used my pc and And when he was going to leave he didnt mean to death evade he wanted to just leave after death not before Thats all what happened and I'm speaking the turth if you dont belive me its ok but only god who knows the real but i spoke the turth and what really happened i found juan pming me in discord and saying nice evade in CTF i was have no idea about what is he talking about and here is screenshot of our chat i guess the death evade happened 15 january and he banned me 2 days ago i mean he banned me for that death evade after 2 weeks i thought when i told him in pm May you unban him and sorry etc i thought he understood what happened, Anyway Thanks for your time and for reading and i swear i spoke turth

Offline jUan_ #1 on: February 02, 2021, 10:14:25 pm

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Hi major, yea i recall you playing as Dani. You spent a whole hour provoking both players and staff (me) i told you to stop it several times but you didnt, I know the way you spend the 90% of your time ingame moaning and whining about other players having luck and at your "bad luck" from EAD server so I knew it was you. Both UIDs from Dead and Dani. nicks matched when i checked them before banning you however the one you used as Major didnt. Seems like you like use different UIDs to go around servers teasing players, staff members and breaking server rules and to blame it all on your "friend" once you get caught.

Like i told you you should stop trying to fool me nor anyone else with that story of a friend doing it and not you because nobody will believe that. You are right this happened 2-3 weeks ago but I have been busy and honestly I totally forgot about it till I joined IRC yesterday to check smth and saw you playing there as Dead. Yet i asked you again about Dani and the death evade case and you tried to fool me again saying it wasnt you when I clearly knew that it was you.

You are only banned for 5 days not 2 weeks though(I wanted you to stop fooling me and to admit it was you thats why I said 2 weeks there), thats not a lot so please dont make more ban appeals and wait for the ban to expire.
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