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Offline Bangho on: May 12, 2020, 11:29:33 pm

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Nick used whilst ingame: [AGK]Bangho
Time and Date that you were banned: TODAY!
Suspected Reason (if any): DEATH EVADE
IP Address: 
Admin that banned you (if known):Juancito

Extra note:  deben dejarme jugar, vamos si de parte del staff tambien estuvieron jugando con mis stats yo se bien quien fue pero no soy ningun lloron para dar nombres , no me importa mucho no es la primera vez de 5000kill ahora tengo 300 con otra cuenta que ni es mia
juan pedazo de trolo pedazo de tuerto mas te vale que me des unban , resetearon mi cuenta sin permiso mio
vamos si este juego ya esta muerto disfrutemos lo poco que le queda de vida . quien no estaria enojado si le resetean la cuenta ?

You must let me play, come on if the staff was also playing with my stats I know who it was but I am not a crybaby to give names, I do not care much it is not the first time of 5000kill now I have 300 with another account that is not mine
Juan piece of trolo piece of one-eyed child, you better give me a lift, they reset my account without my permission
Come on, if this game is already dead, let's enjoy what little it has left of life. Who wouldn't be angry if they reset their account?

Offline jUan_ #1 on: May 12, 2020, 11:40:59 pm

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I saw you death evading through /q, then after being caught you started writing a shitload of bullshit excuses related to your acc being reset it was OK, I believed you then all of a sudden u started to insult me and saying you were going to do death evade again which was admitting the first death evade you did plus threatening with doing another one so I banned you for 5 days.

But I just have checked you were banned for 3 months for the same reason and your ban has just expired 3 days ago now ctf gets +20 players and you do this again, you have learned nothing nor you will as it seems.

I'm increasing your ban to 4 months till you learn.
You will be unbanned at 12/9/2020.
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