Author Topic: King_BalOch^ - Unban Appeal  (Read 370 times)

Offline Mohib on: December 30, 2018, 05:37:49 am

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Nick used whilst ingame: King_BalOch^
Time and Date that you were banned:Time in PK : 10:34 Date : 30.12.2018
Suspected Reason (if any):I Dont DeathEvade I Just Want To Leave Game But If I Leave Server So My Score Will Gone Thats Why I Go To Brb And Yes I Mistakely Pause My Game And Really I Dont Need To DeathEvade Because I Am A Regular Player In CTF And CTF Is Goood Server To Play !  So It Was Mistakely I Did Pause My Game And I Don't Know That Any Player Is Hitting Me So Maybe Its Wrongfully Banned.
IP Address:  (if you don't know what is your ip go here
Admin that banned you (if known):[SS]juan
Extra Note : Please Unban Me I Need  To Play In CTF And Its Wrongfully Banned!
Labaik Ya Rasool Allah.. <3

Offline jUan_ #1 on: December 30, 2018, 05:47:05 am

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its not the first time i see you doing such things, you will be unbanned after 3 days so wait till the ban expires.