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The Little Nation which Drived from shades of Pakistan, A nation which comes to compete to the doors of Vcmp, Present to you the Sindh Army, Sindh army is a gang which consists of fair amount of Sindhi Community Players which comes to Land In CTF. Our priority and most Speciality is we always compete in the hounds of CTF. We most welcome any teams around the VCMP Wisdom to come and have head to head with Us whether its a clan or gang or a community we most welcome them with open Arms, We don't have any forum we are available at discord channel Sindh army (Link = )
Here is the list of most basic Sindh army Members.

1. =TRC=ZUBI (Flag Beast and Spas Killer)
2. MKs.Danish (M60 Specialist Best Defender)
3. =TRC=Fulton (Molo Specialist Shotgun Blinder)
4. =TRC=Zeeshan (Rocket Shooter StubbyPitcher)
5. Sanaullah^ (Antibytic Middle Ground Fighter)
6. =TRC=Raiden (C-Glitcher Blind Stubby Shooter)
7. MKt.CoCaKoLa (M4 Specialist)
8. =CF=Rami^ = (Spas, Heli Bladder + Boobs)
9. =TRC=Sam ( Stubby and m60 Driller)
10. MKs.AttackerX (Stubby and m4)
11. =X=Vampire (Shotgun and Polio Broker)
12. [VU_T]Febulous (Stubby, Tear Gas Specialist)
13. [VU_R]MD619 (Rocket Specialist Shotgun Hitter)

If you want to challange us Go ahead and reply to this topic..
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We will challenge accept/denied?

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is this nazi germany but in pakistan???
jk, Good luck and I like your tendancy :)
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