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Reports / Re: Masteroz multiple close range.
« Last post by Siezer on September 19, 2020, 01:21:46 pm »
As stated, first evidence is kinda doubtful as fraily was running towards MasterOz and also the range didn't look below 25m. However, in the second video, It's clear enough to evaluate.

Since MasterOz admitted his mistake, I would close this topic with a warning. Repeating will lead to 1 week ban RPG ban from the server.
Reports / Re: Masteroz multiple close range.
« Last post by MasterOz on September 19, 2020, 08:38:08 am »
Ok So,
You can see in the first CR video that frailyv came into me and prolly my aim was above 20-30 metres also upon getting explosive damage he was also pushed towards me.

CR2 video shows that my aim was closely near fraily and I think,i mean i know that was a wrong range done by me. 
Reports / Masteroz multiple close range.
« Last post by FrailyV on September 19, 2020, 04:06:43 am »
Player nickname: MasterOz^
Date: 17/9/2020
Reason for reporting: close range multiple times  and also he was already warned many times.
Admin Reports / Re: [MK]Halchter ignoring reports.
« Last post by FrailyV on September 18, 2020, 03:15:09 am »
Boomp nothing to say? :-X
General Discussion / Re: music 2020
« Last post by Bangho on September 13, 2020, 09:18:06 pm »

Как дела, ребята, этот форум никто не поддерживает? партия и отсутствие контроля сказал мудрый человек xD
Admin Reports / Re: [MK]Halchter ignoring reports.
« Last post by FrailyV on September 13, 2020, 05:40:36 pm »
first of all it is disrespectful to call your colleagues (who are also being complete dicks), but the question is how come you are not an attentive administrator? Also, how is it that you did not see the reports if we were literally spamming the chat so that you would do something, in the first report I gave the evidence it shows that you were the only admin there, and you told me that if I wanted you could ban me dial for lags Another question would be, so you don't have time to see reports, but to threaten players who try to collaborate with order on the server? On the other hand, then you admit that it is not the first time that you ignore people who break rules? You just admitted that you are an incompetent, good-for-nothing administrator who only threatens players and doesn't pay attention to their duties.

by the way, here are the proofs that if you threatened me and also another administrator, I mean, JUAN came in to take out the MEDO player who was against good playability thanks to his fps. :

The second part I mean the second report, it is useless to make fun of players, as you did again even knowing that I was reporting you in the forum even so you decided to make fun of saying (add it in your log collection), here comes a Question, is that the answer of a good administrator who must show his face to keep the server being one of the best? Well, I suppose not, you also mentioned to Eddy that it should be noted that Eddy was the one who expelled the player, here they are all The evidence that you are a good for nothing as an administrator, so much so that Newk wrote you saying that you respond to this topic, and well, look, you arrived and you did not say anything that would favor you, I ask you to please that if you are going to answer, do not expect newk force you to do it and take responsibility for the first time in your life. Thank you.
Admin Reports / Re: [MK]Halchter ignoring reports.
« Last post by Halchter on September 13, 2020, 10:33:55 am »
NewK requested me to reply.

I am not the most attentive admin and I also don't pay attention to backseat admins(who are also being complete dicks) but I still do my job and the proof is all the bans I already handed out and the various discussions I created and participated in.

If you really want to get this much into the staff instead of focusing on taking me down, you could forum report the very same guys I did not take action on and not breaking the molotov glitch rule multiple times and playing dumb afterwards.
You want the CTF to remain on the right foot, you must add new administrators who are active and who like to play there
Full of shit.

I would not play on the server if I did not like it and how am I not active? I wonder how I have nearly 70k kills on the server according to the webstats, must have been done in one day. Oh how did we meet on your timezone? ???
see this @Newk  @ELK @Eddy

This happened few minutes ago. 06/09/2020
I did not see the report, don't kill me plos but there was Eddy too, why did you keep pestering only me and not Eddy? Eddy also did not see your report or maybe he ignored it, why you did not report him for being negligent? I recall he only took actions when I made fun of you and mentioned him. This just shows that you want to vent out all the grudges you hold.

General Discussion / Re: music 2020
« Last post by Bangho on September 11, 2020, 01:30:22 am »
General Discussion / music 2020
« Last post by Bangho on September 09, 2020, 09:12:47 am »
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