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Clan Wars/Matches / Re: Internal war Ultimate Insurrectionists
« Last post by Fortune on October 01, 2022, 05:53:48 pm »
U1 vs U1 Internal Clan War Logs:

Round#1: 24/7 Tools
Highest Headshots: [u1_J]Snoopi (28)
Highest Kills: [u1_J]Snoopi (31)
Best Ratio: [u1_J]Snoopi (2.21)
Highest Deaths: [u1_J]Frewp (34)
Best Flag Capturer: [u1_J]MarSoN (4)
MVP: [u1_J]MarSoN (66 Points)
Team scores: Sexy Boys (297) - Hard Boys (124)
Results: 1-0 to Sexy Boys


Round#2: North Point Mall
Highest Headshots: [u1]d4rkxrd (28)
Highest Kills: [u1]d4rkxrd (30)
Best Ratio: [u1]d4rkxrd (3.33)
Highest Deaths: [u1_J]Snoopi (22)
Best Flag Capturer: [u1_J]MarSoN (3)
MVP: [u1_J]MarSoN (57 Points)
Team scores: Sexy Boys (266) - Hard Boys (160)
Results: 2-0 to Sexy Boys


Round#3: Malibu Battle
Highest Headshots: [u1]H4RBOR (9)
Highest Kills: [u1]H4RBOR (20)
Best Ratio: [TLA]ElaWi (1.75)
Highest Deaths: [u1_J]Snoopi (15)
Best Flag Capturer: [u1_A]PaigeLove. (1)
MVP: [u1_A]PaigeLove. (30 Points)
Team scores: Sexy Boys (113) - Hard Boys (116)
Results: 2-1 to Hard Boys


Round#4: Film Studio
Highest Headshots: Fanta[u1] (10)
Highest Kills: [u1_J]H4RBOR (24)
Best Ratio: [u1_J]Snoopi (8.5)
Highest Deaths: [u1]H4RBOR (19)
Best Flag Capturer: [u1]QarZ (4)
MVP: [u1]QarZ (64 Points)
Team scores: Sexy Boys (300) - Hard Boys (123)
Results: 3-1 to Sexy Boys

U1 Team A: Sexy Boys won the match with score of 3-1, Congrats!
Clan Wars/Matches / Re: Internal war Ultimate Insurrectionists
« Last post by Fortune on September 29, 2022, 01:47:02 pm »
I assume it's an 8v8 internal clan war. Modify your topic and mention the rules you want in the game.

The following rules can be modified upon both Teams agreement:
FPS/Ping Limit
Players Limit
RPG Limit
Time Limit

Other rules of the server still apply.

Topic moved to the correct board.

I will try to be on time as much as possible!
Clan Wars/Matches / Internal war Ultimate Insurrectionists
« Last post by QarZi on September 29, 2022, 01:32:31 pm »
We u1 team want to make some fun in CTF so that is why we decided to merged in two teams we'll play on this Saturdays around 8pm pst time GMT + 5. Here are the two teams below.

Team A Sexy boys

Heartless (c)

Replacements anyone from clan

Base: Malibu battle, 24/7 Tools

Team B Hard boys
Sezar (c)

Replacements anyone from clan

Base: North point mall, Film studio

Match format: 7v7 or 8v8
Ping limit: 300ms
RPG Limit: 24.
FPS limit: 25-60
Round time: 10 mins per base
WallGlitch: Disallowed

We would like to inform the CTF Staff admins to try your best to show up around that time and arrange our match.

Ban Appeals / Re: Unban app -Frost
« Last post by dekO^ on May 20, 2022, 04:47:59 pm »
After a discussion among the staff we proceed to unban you, you have proved that it's a glitch that sometimes could happen in VC:MP.
Just make sure the next time it happens you don't press F1 when you are about to die. From now and on you are under the eye of storm.
Ban Appeals / Re: Unban app -Frost
« Last post by dekO^ on May 15, 2022, 04:22:01 am »
I'll lock this again.
Ban Appeals / Re: Unban app -Frost
« Last post by Killer frost on May 15, 2022, 03:41:36 am »
Having inconsistencies in my statement is something that is underdiscussion and i was accused of i was analyizing few things that has happened to me for the first time so i had some doubts of actually how things work look now i'm not the god or something of vcmp that i'll know each minor things im analyzing things and getting to the point of how things actually works i told you im was unware of the hack that im being accused of like how this hack even work.
I asked few of server admins and some of my friends like how actually f1 thing work i showed you a video of how it worked in rel003 as i was getting more  deep in discussion i got to know the info from various player so i was keep adding it to the unabn app coz it might remove some of your doubts.
Im not aware of hacks that much coz i dont use them youre admin so ofc you will have idea about how hacks work as compared to me who didnot even knew how f1 hack work but had to collect info from various resources so that i can conclude whats exactly is happening rn.
You on the one side want me to prove myself innocent and on the other side want me not to post  "How f1 works"? WTF if i dont tell you here then where am i supposed to tell admins about how F1 works? I swear if you knew how f1 works you would have never banned me in first place cause i never used it.
Mentioning a hack and hacking in a game are different things nowadays catching a hacker is very easy cause those player mostly uses hack who either lose interest in vcmp or are newbies but i didnot lost interset in game nor a newbie to inject a hack in my game.
Yes i agree ELk told me about and i understood that but the concept of losing blood during when i was about to get up was something to be discussed the video which i actually made shows that i lost no blood but same as Qarz's video but your pov is way too different than both original video and mine.

Look man i dont wanna get anyone in trouble but a 19 sec clip not gonna prove anything i myself is a clan leader who arranged the clan war and you expect me to use a hack in that clanwar? No never i wont.
Look at my past its crystal clear find me a single report of me hacking? Ik the coincidence is very strange i myself is worried about it but i got the reasons for it and im explaining each thing line wise but if you really wanna make it sure that "i definatly used a hack then im sorry but youre wrong and doing bad to an innocent player"
In your video look at the distance of bullets from ground to my body and compared it with diatance of Qarz's video it clearly shows the discrepancy and Qarz primiraly wanted to skullcandy so his bullets even went above the table length.
Look at the scoreboard after 1st round i died for like 8/9 times with 2/3 kills which clearly shows no hack was open coz i died for a reason.
Why would i hack just not to die broooooo cmon its 2022. i reproduced exactly same as main video.
Ban Appeals / Re: Unban app -Frost
« Last post by dekO^ on May 14, 2022, 08:04:52 pm »
And you still having inconsistencies in your statements...

You said since your first post how F1 hack works in rel003, sharing a friend video;
Then you said this...
It was my clanmate who recorded it cause i have no idea how does this hack work. The video purpose was to show that f1 hack dont work in rel006 which is exactly proven by the video.


New info: + F1 hacks are loaded via .dll now, and no longer on "F1" key, they're enabled via aurora menu coz using f1 via f1 key is detectable.

You are assuming that we are aware of every single hack in the comunity, or you know so much about which hacks exist in the comunity and which features all those hacks has...

I'll be honest with you...

In the past (04rel003), I have recieved every kind of hack from a clan. I Went instantly to developers and reported every kind of archive. (vcmp_hack.asi [F1], wallhack.exe, fpslimiter.exe, widescreen.exe, aimlock 0.1/.2/.3/.4 and many others) But never used any.

Also many of the scripts that has many of the servers of the vc mod today, talking about "anti cheats", keyscripts, LW also kicking users automatically because they noticed that people could overpass that, were because a player like me, thought that sometimes if you have just 1 opportunity to ban a hacker, you will do. And all the servers were safe at some point.

Where I'm going with this? In the past, regular players using hacks were not aware that admins knew that they were hacking... And less, they didn't even knew which kind of hacks were in that day around vcmp. Until every server started banning players. Then the ON wave ban appeared in the comunity, and it got totally cleaned.

But you know what? It was to late, and today, in (04rel006), I have never seen any file which contains a hack.
Never seen F1 again, and you are mentioning it, how to load and how it works...
Never seen or either mentioned Aurora file, and you are mentioning it, how to load, how it works, which file it is...

Quote from: Gohan to ELK
"Bro we are experienced players and we are admin of most of the servers, or we were, I mean... if we have doubts on this We will surely accept it's appeal and say sorry for this error, but I dont think im wrong"

He can confirm this, and also, you are not saying what ELK told you in private and still arguing to me about the "blood" that is not appearing

I think we have discussed a lot, and provided evidences from both sides. I'll proceed to lock the topic until your verdict.
Ban Appeals / Re: Unban app -Frost
« Last post by Killer frost on May 14, 2022, 07:18:39 pm »
Man, it's you who is making different scenarios not me.
I am gonna make this reply of the whole thing we went on.
So, this is the video you guys banned me for. Alright, so the suspiciousness started from the F1 key, right? You think the hack is activated by F1 key? Bro are we still living in rel003 or something? You really think after all the pasts the hack still works with F1 key and players will just use it to turn the hack on and just try to get detected that easily? Well my case is different but lets say a player uses F1 key for a gameplay purpose and at same time some weird shit happened what you gonna do about that? Ban him because he used F1 key lmao? And also I remember something happened with Elawi as well in EAD times where he used a key thats for going into FPV mode as sniper / RPG but admins thought he used the key for wall hack but at last he explained and it got solved. This explains how dumb your way is of trying to catch hackers.
Now coming to the scenario where you claim that I used the hack. As you can see from the video itself at 00:42 -

that there is not a single drop of blood came out of me. So the question is if there isn't even a blood dropping out of me the entire moment of me getting back up then how you expect me to die? I am not even gonna bring up the lag or desync bullshits here because he didn't even hit me and not a single drop of blood came out so how am I suppose to even get the hit? Okay, let's even ignore that and say it was hack then why shots didn't touch paige? Even paige who was literally standing on me didn't get the shot and same for him no blood poped out of him and if he had got hit he would have been pushed inside due to spaz spam. If I am hacking then ban this paige as well. I don't even know how that shit hack works but even if I had pressed F1 key to turn it on I suppose I have to press the F1 key back again to turn it off? But I died without even pressing it back again, and how do you explain that? Dude, I don't know what you are upto but I goddamn hope you aren't doing this all intentionally because you are literally wasting mine and yours both of our time. And I believe F1 hack doesn't even work on rel006 (I believe so). I don't really know what else to add. You are saying that I am putting different scenario videos but its you who is posting different scenario. Because on your videos the blood is popping out where on the video that I got banned for not a single blood came out. And I recreated it and showed that there is a angle where if you shoot you don't get hit and bullets go through your body so it's me who is showing the exact scenario and not you.
As you can see from this SS that I already got up almost which is where the moment you could die (I KNOW EVEN ON THAT I AM SUPPOSE TO NOT DIE BECAUSE OF THE ANGLE BUT LET'S ASSUME) and you can see he ran out of bullets so he couldn't try to hit me furthermore anyway.
Ban Appeals / Re: Unban app -Frost
« Last post by dekO^ on May 14, 2022, 05:25:08 pm »
Now there began to be inconsistencies in your statements.

First of all, you were saying that he was not shooting at your body, that's a vcmp basic. Then you made Gerz do a false evidence on the "same" case... here's the result, gerz aiming at sky to prevent doing damage. (ignoring that both of you are insulting to me and staff members)

After that, you said it was a map bug which only happens in the door of pizza.
Then I made a gif and a video replicating the video in different places...

When you saw the video you and gerz pm'ed me like, "bro you are not in the same angle of the door, etc, etc. Do it again" , I made it again, with the same timing, 4 times in row in the same record, all bullets synced perfectly.

Again after that, you are saying that qarz aim was near the legs going with the inconsistency that on the first video of gerz, he's aiming at the sky...

Now you recorded 3 differents pov, both of those you are in the wrong angle of the door, and shooting spas too many bullets to get out of ammo earlier, and starting shooting too earlier aswell to avoid getting the damage in that buggy skin.
If you check the video of qarz again, you can see how he shot 7 bullets again, after you are knocked...

I will say one more time, don't waste my time.
Ban Appeals / Re: Unban app -Frost
« Last post by Killer frost on May 14, 2022, 10:25:00 am »
Starting off with the pic of main video do you see when i was on the ground Qarz bullets were on skullcandy's body and it didnot even effect me 0%.
Do you see QarZ's spaz bullets ? Its moving upside if you look closely im still on the ground and yet no effect of his bullets on me coz it common in vcmp you yourself might have noticed it.
Looking at the third ss im in halfway about to stand up but at the same time Qarz is out of bullets otherwise if he had bullets and continued shooting me i would have died.

My PoV:
I have made exactly the same video as main clip and proved it again that its possible from any pov and its not any hack the bullets will definatly sync in your body when your about to get up from ground and bullets are being shot.
Man i wonder how you not know the basics of vcmp being an old and seniour guy not everyone you see is a hacker there might be a mis understanding.
I have created some other povs too but before that lemme tell you what suync and desync means.
SYNC is when you lose blood get 100% damage(low pingers might experience that)
DESYNC is when you lose the blood but dontget damage your hp doesnot decreses.
But in mycase i have never lost a single drop of blood means no bullet were even synced in my case.

Some of my other similar povs:

P.S: what if someone has a key who use f1 to aim with sniper or rpg? I just wanna know.
New info: + F1 hacks are loaded via .dll now, and no longer on "F1" key, they're enabled via aurora menu coz using f1 via f1 key is detectable.
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